Top class motorfeedback

... for high dynamic synchronous motors and drives

  • Highest precision for high dynamic motion control
  • Compact design: Ø 58 mm
  • BISS-C, SSI with 19 bit single- turn and up to 2,048 sin/cos
  • Incremental up to 25,000 PPR
  • Electronic ID label


Highest precision for high dynamic motion control.

The WDGF was designed for the highest requirements. Even under extreme environmental conditions the WDGF operates reliably and provides highly accurate signals for the fast control of synchronous motors. The optical principle guarantees a fast and accurate measurement of position and speed. The rugged design ensures a high operational stability.

Encoder motor feedback WDGF
Type:WDGF 58M/R
Interface for singleturn:SSI, BiSS-C
Clock frequency SSI/BiSS-C:4/10 MHz
Funcitons:interversion of the direction, preset, status LED
Resolution singleturn absolute:max 19 bit
Resolution sin/cos:2048 ppr, optional 512, 1024 ppr
Output circuit:sin/cos, 1 Vpp, 120 Ohm
Output channelsAB
Limit frequency (-3 dB):400 kHz
Resolution only incremental:up to 25,000 ppr
Housing:Ø 58 mm, L 40 mm
Shaft:cone 1/10, Ø 9.25 mm, L 16.5 mm
Operating speed:max. 12,000 rpm
Permissible shaft load:max. 80 N radial, max. 60 N axial
Power supply:4.75 VDC up to 5.5. VDC
3.5 VDC up to 30 VDC
Operating temperature:-40 °C up to +115 °C
Protection rating:IP67 all around, shaft sealed to IP65
Connection:Cable output, 2 m, tangential