Reliable speed monitoring AGV

Reliable speed control is essential for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Depending on the speed, the protective fields of the AGV are extended. In the event of a fault inside the protective field, the AGV must safely reduce speed. The speed can be reliably determined using an incremental encoder. The encoder is mounted directly on the wheel and the values determined are compared with the controller. Compact designs, such as the 36 mm housing, allow installation in confined spaces. Wachendorff also offers redundant incremental encoders with independent optical and magnetic sensor systems.

Important features:

  • High resolution up to 16384 pulses
  • Connection: Cable connection (radial or axial), M12 connector (radial or axial)
  • Electrical interfaces: 4.75 VDC up to 32 VDC with TTL/RS-422 or with HTL/push pull
  • High protection class IP67, at shaft input IP65, high noise immunity
  • Full connection protection at 4.75  VDC up to 32 VDC
  • High output frequency up to 1 MHz
  • -40 °C to +85 °C

Encoder WDGP 58E

Important features:

  • Any number of pulses up to 16384 configurable via NFC thanks to high-quality electronics
  • HTL/TTL configurable via NFC
  • Protection class IP67, at the shaft input IP65
  • High output frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protection at 4.75 VDC up to 32 VDC

Encoder WDGN 58E

Exact positioning of the fork

Accurate positioning of the system is essential. An example of this is the accurate determination of the height of a forklift truck for racking operation. By using a customised, high-precision draw wire system SZG140, the measurement can be seamlessly integrated into the rail We offer draw-wire systems with a cable length of up to 40 m. It is possible to choose between incremental or absolute encoders.

Important features:

  • Measuring lengths up to 5.0 m
  • Compact housing
  • High resolution
  • Incremental and absolute versions
  • Quick mounting
  • High precision mechanics with high linearity

Draw wire system SZG140

Detection of the steering angle of an AGV

Accurate measurement of the steering angle is important for precise steering of the AGV. For this purpose, the WDGA 36E CANopen absolute encoder is mounted directly on the steering drive and can therefore measure and monitor the steering angle of the vehicle. The ability to monitor the steering angle can increase the safety of the vehicles. The encoders are also available with various absolute interfaces for optimum compatibility.

Important features:

  • EnDra®: Maintenance-free and environmentally friendly
  • CANopen, single- and multi-turn
  • Communication profile CiA 301
  • Device profile CiA 406
  • Single-/Multiturn (max. 16 bit / 43 bit)

Encoder WDGA 36E CANopen