Handout Configurable encoder WDGN

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Handout Drehgeber encoder WDGI magnetic
WDG(I) encoders magnetic

... incremental and robust

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Flyer Drehgeber Encoder WDGI
WDGI encoder - the new incremental industry standard
  • Die-cast aluminium housing, powder coated
  • Maximum bearing loads of up to 500 N, axial / radial
  • Self-adhesive membrane
  • High output frequency 600 kHz / 2 MHz
  • Extended operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
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Handout WDGP
Incremental Encoder WDGP

36 mm diameter and up to 16.384 ppr

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Handout Hollow shaft encoder WDG 100I
Handout Hollow shaft encoder WDG 100I

Hollow shaft encoder with insulating sleeve

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Handout Encoder Drehgeber WDG 100H
Handout WDG 100H Hollow shaft encoder for precise measurement on power motors
  • Robust and extremly flat
  • Simply assembly
  • High protection level up to IP55
  • Up to 20,480 PPR
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Handout Drehgeber Encoder WDG 145H
Handout "Dust-protected encoders WDG 145H"

Dust-protected according DIN 40050-9

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Handout Encoders high pressure / steam cleaning suitable
Handout "Encoders high pressure / steam cleaning suitable"

Protection against cleaning agents in high pressure / steam cleaning. First class in food and beverage industrie.

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